The next innovation in sustainable gardening. 100% eggshell soil enhancer for a lush garden and a healthier planet.

One ingredient:


TerraBrae™ Garden & Lawn is made with 100% eggshells, so it's naturally derived and cycled back into the earth.

Great for the planet

Two steps:

Add to soil, watch your garden, plants and lawn thrive.

Want healthier plants and a beautiful lawn and garden this year? TerraBrae™ has you covered.

Great for your plants

Three reasons:

Great for your plants. Zero waste. 100% sustainable.

It's also safe for use around pets and children, making healthy plants and flourishing gardens a walk in the park.

Zero waste product

How to Use

The gardener’s secret for success

Nothing could be more pure or more natural than strong, healthy plants.

Ground eggshells are the natural and more environmentally friendly way to enhance soil. Easy to use and versatile, TerraBrae™ can be used on your indoor plants, in your garden beds, and on your lawn.

TerraBrae™ can even be used with seedlings for a head start on your garden.

How to use TerraBrae™

Simply sprinkle TerraBrae into your plant pots, garden soil, or across your lawn once a year and you’ll start to see results in as little as seven days!

Directions for Use at Any Stage*

Seed Starting:

Add directly to pots when starting seeds indoors or to garden soil when starting seeds outdoors.

Garden Maintenance:

Apply to annuals and perennials to support strong growth.

Lawn Maintenance:

Add to lawn in early spring or late fall to help build strong roots and a greener lawn.


Helps maintain strong roots and lush growth.


What are benefits of using TerraBrae?

TerraBrae is a natural soil enhancer. Calcium and minerals found in eggshells absorb into plant roots, making them strong and help prevent blossom end-rot. By balancing out the PH levels of garden soil, TerraBrae helps control soil acidity.

How do I apply TerraBrae to my house plants? Your packaging only specifies one pot size.

We have suggested 1 ½ TBSP for an average 25cm (10-inch) pot size. We recommend an adding ½ TBSP for every additional 5cm (2-inch) increase in pot size.

How often should I apply TerraBrae?

TerraBrae can be applied annually to houseplants, gardens, and lawns. At the start or at peak growing season. Alternatively, it can be added to your lawn in late fall.

How much ground does 1 bag of 2kg cover?

1 bag can cover approximately 6 sq meters (65 sq feet) of lawn or garden. For potted plants, 1 bag would cover 40 plants (depending on size).

Why should I use eggshells over lime?

You can feel good about applying TerraBrae to your gardens as it is 100% sustainable and a zero-waste product.

What is the difference between this TerraBrae and bone meal?

Bone meal can attract unwanted critters and contain some impurities that you may not want in your garden. TerraBrae is 100% pure and natural.

Can I use this to grow organic plants?

Yes! TerraBrae is an all-natural product suitable for Organic gardens.

Can I use too much TerraBrae in my garden?

Eggshells are a natural source of calcium and extremely beneficial to your garden. Although we recommend applying close to the suggested amount, a little extra won’t hurt.

Can’t I just save my eggshells and crush them into my garden myself?

One bag of TerraBrae is equal to approximately 350 eggshells which are already dried and crushed into the finest powder, which is difficult to obtain at home. The finer the crush, the better the absorption and better the results.

What types of Eggshells do you use? Do you use brown eggs too?

Approximately 350 eggshells go into every bag of TerraBrae and can include a mixture of brown, white, organic, free run and conventional eggs. Once dried and ground, the product takes on a white appearance.

Can I feed this product to my pet or consume them myself?

Although non-toxic, we recommend keeping this product strictly for garden and lawn use.

How do I know what type of soil I have?

The 3 main soil types are loam, clay and sandy. When scooped up by hand and squished in your fist, Sandy soil will immediately fall apart, Clay will form into a solid and remain solid and sticky, and Loam will remain solid at first, but then crumble slowly when poked.

Should I adjust the amount of TerraBrae I add based on my soil type?

Our application quantities are based on an average Loam soil, but feel free to add a little less for Sandy, and a little more for Clay.

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